The game-changing technology of the MAN 45/60 creates new, profitable opportunities in power generation and meets the challenges of the future today.




We have a long and successful track record in engine-based power generation – from single engines and generating sets to EPC power plants ready for operation. Over the last century we have built thousands of diesel engines worldwide. The experience and the latest technology we have developed lets us tailor power plants to your individual needs.



  • Full power
  • No derating

Highest power density in class

The MAN 45/60 has the highest power density in class – an incredible 26 megawatts per unit setting new benchmarks in output and efficiency. Outstanding efficiency and reliability make it perfect for base load applications running 8,000 hours and more per year. It can deliver electricity within the shortest time thanks to its excellent black start and load application capabilities. And it ensures the operational flexibility required for peak load operation.

  • Highest power output in its class: 1,300 kW per cylinder
  • No derating: because the engine is insensitive to ambient conditions
  • In-house Common Rail Injection System
  • Two-stage turbocharging with a perfect fit thanks to one source for engine and turbocharger
  • Fit for the future: liquid fuels and gas or dual fuel in the future.


Best performance – everywhere

Extreme ambient conditions such as high air humidity, very high or low temperatures, can cause derating – lowering output and efficiency and reducing profits. The MAN 45/60 can operate in the least hospitable environments on earth – in deserts, in arctic regions, at both low and high altitude. 

  • Best performance        
    Even under extreme site conditions
  • No derating
    At up to 2,500 m altitude

    At over 50°C outside temperature



  • Lower costs
  • Space-saving
  • More efficiency

Low operating costs and increased life cycle profitability

The MAN 45/60’s unrivaled power output of 26 MW per unit means it can be installed in significantly smaller plants. This results in savings in space and investment money. It also has the lowest fuel consumption ever reached in this segment. As fuel is the major cost factor in operating a fossil fuel power plant, the fuel savings raise the profitability of the whole power plant.

  • Operating cost savings
    Due to low fuel costs
  • Investment savings
    Improved profitability
  • Space savings
    Fewer cylinders needed due to high power density

Saving cylinders and space

Imagine a 100 MW plant with four engines instead of six! Using the MAN 45/60, you need 28 fewer cylinders and get the same output from 30% less space. The high power density of the new MAN 45/60 reduces the number of engines, cylinders and consequently the maintenance efforts.

These enormous savings will improve your CAPEX and OPEX!

space-saving power-plant


How to change the game of power generation with the new MAN 45/60

  • Highest power output ever seen
    26 MW per engine
  • Best efficiency in class
    Due to lowest fuel consumption ·
  • No derating
    At up to 2500 m altitude and at over 50°C outside temperature
  • Space and investment savings
    Due to high power density
  • High-end power production
    Cutting-edge technology for high availability
  • Family concept: easy retrofit to DF and Gas
    sustainable for the future
  • Modular engine design
    Easy transport and installation
  • Full emission compliance
    If required, with SCR
  • Wide range of fuels
    Nearly all liquid fuels can be used



Designed for a cleaner world

MAN ensures full compliance with emission regulations. We can provide the appropriate exhaust gas treatment systems for your power plant. The engine itself can even fulfill World Bank 2007/2008 NOx requirements.

We have developed a standardized portfolio of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology which enables our engines to operate in part or full load with maximum efficiency. We also offer oxidation catalysts for CO, HC and CH2O, plus desulphurization, particle filtration and emission monitoring for every application.

  • Experience with more than 40 engines running
    Prepared for future regulations
  • Efficient operation of the plant
    Even with exhaust gas treatment
  • Low environmental footprint
    Low emissions, high performance

Technology for the future

Easy installation

Easy installation

Modular design for easy transport and connection

The modular engine design makes for easy transport and installation. It will also allow an easy retrofit for Dual Fuel or Gas operation at a later stage.  

The turbocharger’s modular design allows it to be transported and installed completely disconnected from the engine. Transport dimension and weight are thus drastically reduced making transport to the power plant site much easier.  

The turbocharger module bears all engine-attached pumps, valves and pipe connections at ground level on one side of the module. The result is easy accessibility to all interfaces for a simplified plant design.



Perfect turbocharger matching

The turbochargers are at the core of the MAN 45/60’s innovations. MAN Diesel & Turbo is the only large engine manufacturer that designs and builds its own turbochargers. This enables us to achieve the perfect matching of engine and turbochargers leading to the superior performance of the MAN 45/60.  

The fact that all engine and turbocharger parts are manufactured, installed and maintained by one provider means that maintenance efforts and costs stay low.

dual-fuel technology

Dual fuel

Fuel flexibility

Thanks to its extraordinarily robust design, the MAN 45/60 is highly reliable in operation with heavy (residual) fuels and distillate diesel oils. This makes it a very flexible and cost-effective way to produce electricity. If, at a later date, gas becomes available on site, the MAN 45/60 can be easily retrofitted for gas or dual-fuel use thanks to its modular family concept design.

The DNA of excellence

  1. TUMO (Turbocharger Module)
  2. Highly efficient MAN turbochargers
  3. Noise-reducing cylinder head covers
  4. Improved cylinder head cooling
  5. Low-friction camshaft
  6. Double-walled exhaust gas pipe with integrated insulation
  7. Integrated nozzle cooling module (not visible in this graphic)
  8. Integrated lube oil cooler and filter module (option)
  9. Integrated lube oil cooler and filter module
  10. Main lube oil supply integrated in crank case
  11. Variable valve timing
  12. Proven MAN Common Rail Injection System


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  • Customer event Augsburg
  • Launch ceremony Saint Nazaire

  • Technical definition
  • Technical data


MAN 45/60: facts and figures

SaCoS 5000  

The next generation of the MAN engine control system is called SaCoS 5000. It is compact and modular in design. The user friendliness has been improved and the complete system is ready for the future and retrofitting.

Engine data  

  • Engine power output: up to 26,000 kW
  • Power per cylinder: 1,300 kW
  • Engine cycle: four-stroke
  • No. of cylinders, V-engine: 12, 20
  • Bore: 450 mm Stroke: 600 mm
  • Speed: 600 rpm (for 50 and 60 Hz)
  • Turbocharging system: two-stage
  • Low pressure TC type: MAN TCA
  • High pressure TC type: MAN TCX  


  • Base load or peak load power plants in Single Cycle (SC) or Combined Cycle (CC)  

Starting method

  • Compressed air without additional blower even in part load
  • Quick start supported by boost injection and jet assist  

Common Rail System  

The Common Rail System for the MAN 45/60 is an update of the well-established and proven MAN Common Rail System. It provides more than 200 bar maximum firing pressure and uses simple standard fuel supply pipes.

Equipment attached

  • Lube oil prelubrication pump attached
  • Lube oil automatic filter attached
  • Lube oil cooler attached
  • Nozzle cooling module attached on engine  


  • No derating up to 2,500 m above sea level
  • No derating even for temperatures > 50°C  


  • Diesel, HFO, liquid fuels according to MAN specification  


  • MAN SaCoS 5000 Safety and Control System MAN Common Rail System

Dimensions an weight

  20V engine  20V
L   mm  12,600 (L1) 6,500  (L2)
  mm 4,500 (W1)  5,700 (W2) 
H   mm  5,500 (H1)  7,400 (H2) 
Dry mass     t  303  90



Speed rpm 600 
Frequencey  Hz  5060 
Output  kW  26,000 


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